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Carpet and Tile Cleaning is something we do better than anyone else.
We are dedicated to the highest standards of cleaning and customer service. Just a pick your service/s, give us a call to set up an
appointment and we'll take care of the rest. Your carpets will be clean, fluffy, soft and free of any sticky residue or toxins. Your tile
will sparkle. We want to make sure your cleaning experience is pleasant and safe. We understand that sometimes cleaning your
home is a necessary inconvenience so we do our part to make sure the end result is a perfectly clean floor and an extremely happy
home owner. Please give us a call or
email today and experience a carpet cleaning company like no other.
Upholstery Cleaning:
Your furniture holds onto as much dirt and grime
as your Carpets. We can clean your upholstery to
get rid of all that dirt, dust and dander (that's dead
skin, ewwwee!)
Carpet Cleaning:
Your Carpet is just like a big air filter that needs to be cleaned out. Notice that your whole home feels
cleaner when your carpets are cleaned. Have your carpets cleaned today and Breathe easier! We do
our best to make sure the carpet cleaning process is as pleasant of an experience for you as possible.
We treat your home with respect and are very careful around your property. We've been cleaning carpet
in the Roseville and Sacramento area for over 13 years and we know the value of a satisfied customer.
Check out our
Testimonials page to see what people are saying about us.
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Scotchgard Protectant:
Protect your investment and keep your carpet cleanable. Scotchgard will help protect your carpet against most stains and will also
make vacuuming more productive. Increase the life of your carpet by having the carpet protectant re-applied with Scotchgard.
Almost all carpet comes from the manufacturer with some kind of carpet protectant on it. That's why the first cleaning usually
cleans up great and then the following cleaning don't clean up as well. If you have Scotchgard Carpet Protectant re-applied, your
carpet will stay cleanable much longer and will add years of life to your carpet. Check out our
Scotchgard Page for more info.
Grout Sealing:
Sealing your grout lines is very important to keep out all that grime and bacteria. Your grout is very porous and if you don't get
it seal up properly, you are just asking for problems. It also makes your grout lines easier to clean. Like carpet, grout holds
onto dirt, grime and bacteria and needs to be sealed for it to stay cleanable. You grout should have been sealed when it
was first installed and that sealant will usually last about 2 years depending on foot traffic and the type of cleaners you are
using on it. We can apply a grout sealer to help your sweeping and mopping become more productive and to also make
your life a little easier. Your grout lines won't get dark as quickly and your floors will stay clean longer.
Carpet Repair and Re-Stretch:
If your Carpets have seams showing, bubbles or
wrinkles or is pulling way from the walls, our Carpet
Repair Technicians can help. Your carpet will last
longer if stretched properly
Tile and Grout Cleaning:
Your Tile and Grout holds onto Dirt, Bacteria and Germs. You shouldn't have to live with that. Tile and Grout Cleaning Helps
your whole house feel clean. We Steam out all that gunk! We don't just "mop" your floors. Over time your grout lines build
up with dirt and grime and then the mopping you do isn't as effective as before. By using our turbo tile and grout cleaning
tool, we are able to spray steam and extract out all the dirt in one step. Of course we pre-spray first and let that dwell for a
few minutes to help loosen the built up dirt. Your floors will be completely clean and free of any sticky residue so they stay
clean longer. Check out our
Tile Cleaning page to watch a video of how we clean tile and grout.
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