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Baby On Tile Floor
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Makes Your Whole House Sparkle
Grout Holds On to Dirt and Bacteria
Grout is very porous and needs periodic
cleanings. Like Carpet; Dirt and Bacteria
gets down into your grout. That mildew
smell that comes from your bathroom or
kitchen will be eliminated by a good
Tile Cleaning Roseville CA
By Steam Cleaning your Tile and Grout (not just mopping) your
entire floor will be completely clean. You don't have to worry about
your children or pets crawling around on it anymore. The final step
of the cleaning is to rinse with just steam so there will be no soapy
residue left on your newly cleaned Tile and Grout.
This Is How We Clean Tile and Grout
Cleaning Tile with Turbo Tool
Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

• Sweeping: We recommend thoroughly sweeping your floors at least 2 to 3 times a week. This is very important for keeping your hard surfaces as
clean as possible between professional cleanings.

• Mopping: We recommend mopping your hard surface floors 2 times a week after sweeping. Keeping your floors clean by mopping them on a
regular basis will help make a professional cleaning be more productive.

• Pre-Treatment: Your tile floor needs to be Pre-Treated before the steam cleaning. We Pre-Treat your tile and grout lines with our all natural tile
and grout  cleaning Pre-Spray. The cleaner has no dangerous solvents, petrochemicals and no soap or detergent. It's completely safe for animals
and children.

• Furniture Moving: In most cases we need to have any furniture moved off of your tile floors before cleaning. Our cleaning process is a contained
steam cleaning but may damage any furniture if moisture is left standing around the legs of wood or metal furniture . We can move chairs or a dining
room table if needed but we ask that you have any small furniture and breakables out of the rooms to be cleaned. Of course if you cannot do
something on your own, just ask us. We are more than happy to help. We cannot move electronics, refrigerators, stoves, china hutches etc. If a piece
of furniture cannot be moved out of a room we can take precautions to clean around the furniture with your permission.

• Cleaning: Using a powerful truck mounted cleaning unit (industry standard) we thoroughly clean the tile and grout with fresh water. Our cleaning
units are capable of heating the water to maximum cleaning potential with vacuum power strong enough to leave your almost completely drive when
we leave. Our Cleaning Technicians are well trained to operate these systems and care about your home as to not allow any dangerous situations.
We only bring the end of the hose into your home with a cleaning tool (turbo tool for tile and grout cleaning) so
the mechanical parts never enter you
. The cleaning machine stays outside in the work vehicle.

• Drying: With any normal cleaning your tile and grout should be dry in a matter of a  minutes. We take every measure to get your tile floors dry and
back to a usable condition ASAP. We understand that your time is valuable and you need to be able to walk on your floors in order to live in your
home. The tile is usually not wet for very long at all because it is not very porous. Your grout will be we for a bit longer but is OK to walk on almost

• Spot Cleaning: Most stains and spots can be removed from your tile and grout. There may be permanent damage from things such as bleach, red
dye or pet urine or rust, but we do everything in our power to remove any unwanted discoloration from your floors. With today's technology we are
able to remove certain stains that were not removable in the past. Your Cleaning Technician will have a look at your floors before the cleaning and let
you know in his best opinion what will and what won't come out of your carpet.

Stain: A discoloration of tile or grout. To "remove", the staining color must be changed to match the color of the tile or grout or removed enough to
show the original color..

Spot: An added ingredient to the tile or grout that has not changed the color but has just covered it enough so that the original color of the tile and
grout cannot be seen. To "Remove", the spot must be cleaned out with a certain cleaning solution depending on the type of spot. Some spots can
leave a "Stain" or discoloration of the tile or grout and this will be determined once the spot is removed.
Grout Sealing Process

• Sealing: After we clean your tile and grout, the grout lines need to be sealed because they are so porous. The pores will collect dirt and bacteria if
not sealed.
We use only quality sealers to be sure the grout is sealed correctly. We take care to not make a mess of your tile with the sealer and will wipe up any
sealer that has dripped onto the tile. Ceramic tile cannot be sealed and doesn't need to be because it will resist soil on it's own.

• Drying: The sealer should be dry in about 6 hours. You can walk on the tile floor if you are careful to not walk on the grout lines. It is usually best to
stay off of the tile floor as long as possible.

• Curring: The sealer will cure in approximately 72 hours. This means you should not attempt to clean, sweep or mop your tile floors until after 72
hours from the time of cleaning.
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Grout Sealing
Keeps Your Grout Cleanable
Sealing the Grout Lines in your tile floor makes it easier to maintain. If
you don't seal your grout, it will get dirty more quickly and will also be
more difficult to clean. Grout Sealant can last 2-4 years depending on
foot traffic and the types of cleaners you use for general maintenance.
You Deserve a Clean Floor and a Healthy Home
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